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:: Chiharu Mihara ::

| Characters/Chiharu Mihara |

Name: Chiharu Mihara
Birthday: May 28
Age: 10
Blood type: O
Favorite class: Japanese, drawing
Least favorite class: Math
School club: Cheerleading club
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite flower: Freezia
Favorite food: Omelet with fried rice, ice-cream
Least favorite food: Green pepper
Best dish: Curry rice
Most wanted: Ribbon

Belonging to the same cheerleading club, Chiharu is one of Sakura's closes friends. She likes stuffed animals very much. A bright girl, always full of energy and ready for anything. "Chiharu" means a thousand springs (as in the seasons). Chiharu is also a sweet and kind girl. Very beautiful also. Chiharu really likes Takiashi!


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