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:: Fujitaka Kinomoto ::

| Characters/Fujitaka Kinomoto |

Name: Fujitaka Kinomoto
Birthday: January 3
Occupation: University Professor
Family: One daughter ( Sakura Kinomoto), one son (Touya Kinomoto), and a wife (Nadeshiko Kinomoto), who died when she was 27 years old.
Special Abilities: Sports, cooking...
Hobbies: Playing video games, Cooking
Favorite Colors: White , Ivory , Tea
Favorite Flowers: Nadeshiko, Peach Blossom, Cherry Blossom
Favorite Food: Cotton Candy
Least Favorite Food: None
Best Recipe: Cake

Fujitaka is Sakura's kind father. He is a professer at a University and is not around much so he depend on Touya and Sakura to take care of the house. He cares a lot about Sakura and Touya. He often talks about his wife, but seldom talks about himself. Everyday he would put up a new picture of Nadeshiko. When Sakura asked Sonomi what her father is actually like, Sonomi told her that Fujitaka is almost perfect that anyone who likes Nadeshiko will hate him. Sakura also describ him as the perfect dad.


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