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:: Kaho Mizuki ::

| Characters/Kaho Mizuki |

Name: Kaho Mizuki
Birthday: Feb 11
Occupation: Elementary school teacher
Favorite food: Alcohol
Least favorite food: Marshmallow
Favorite thing: Pacing
Favorite color: Unbleached cloth color
Favorite flower: Tsukimisou
Best dish: Basically anything
Hobby: Antique collecting
Symbol: Moon

Kaho Mizuki is Sakura's math teacher. She very kind and gentle. She's always nice to her students and helps Sakura out at times. She is actually quite powerful and helps Sakura to become a stronger and better card captor. She carries an instrument that sounds like a bell. Also sometimes she appears in Sakura's dreams. Mizuki can also sense Clow Cards before Sakura can. If Sakura or Li didn't get how to do something in school she teaches them by using the Clow Cards. In the past she also date Touya, but it didn't work out.


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