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Name: Kerberos/Cerberus
Nickname: Kero-chan
Birthday: ?
Age: ?
Mistress: Sakura Kinomoto
Symbol: the Sun
Hobbie: Playing video games!
Favorite colors: Red & Orange
Favorite flower: The Sunflower
Favorite food: Everything SWEET!
Least favorite food: Nothing SPICY!
Wants most: New video games?!
True Form: a 'lion' with wings, Kerberos

Kero is the Guardian Beast of the Seal. He was the one that named Sakura cardcaptor. Kero is the fault form and Kerberos is the true form. He was made by Clow Reed to guard the seal of the Clow Book. Kero's symbol is the sun. He is also one of the guardian of Sakura. Kero can make his own powers from the sun. He dislike Li very much because Li calls him a "stuff animal" and Kero calls him a "kid". Kero LOVES to eat and play video games! When someone is a round that doesn't know about the Clow Cards he pretend that he is a real stuff animal.


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