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:: Li Syaoran ::

| Characters/Li Syaoran |

Name: Syaoran Li
Birthday: July 13
Blood type: O
Favorite class: P.E., Math
Least favorite class: Japanese
School club: None
Favorite color: Green
Favorite flower: Peony
Favorite food: Dim sum, chocolate
Least favorite food: Konnyaku
Best dish: None
Symbol: Moon
Most wanted: A book by Clow

Syaoran Li is a descendant of the magician, Clow Reed.
He uses Moon powers. He is from Hong Kong and live with
his mom and 4 oldersisters.Li is an exchange student
from Hong Kong. - Li is very good at sports though he
just doesn't seem to want to play them. But he's a skilled
martial artist, since he trained back home. He came to
Japan because he knew that the Clow Cards were released
and wants to catches it and takes it from Sakura. Li
dislike Kero and call him a stuff animal. His first
crush was Yukito but Yue told him that he is attracted
to his Moon powers. Li true crush and love was Sakura.


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