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:: Meilin Li ::

| Characters/Meilin Li |

Name: Meilin Li
Age: 10
Birthday: March 25th
Blood Type: B
Favorite Class: P.E. Music
Least favorite class: Japanese
School clubs: None
Favorite flower: Lotus
Favorite color: Red
Favorite Dish: Chinese Mushrooms
Most wanted: Clothes

The star of the show! Meilin Li comes from China,Hong Kong. She is the fianca of Li and his cousin. They grew up together and she loves him very much. She use to be very jealous of Sakura because she has magic powers. Though Meilin is still realated to the Clow Reed. She did not recieve the family power. Since she has no magic she sub consiciosly feels she must be good at everything else to make up for it, but what no one else knows is that she is a great fighter. It is very rare in the family for having no magic. In the new series Card Captors Meilin, everyone can see that the little girl is not just an extra!


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