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:: Nadeshiko Kinomoto ::

| Characters/Nadeshiko Kinomoto |

Name: Nadeshiko Kinomoto
Birthday: May 20
Occupation: Model
Favorite food: Sweet things, tea
Least favorite food: None
Favorite thing: The warm sunlight
Favorite color: White
Favorite flower: Ivy, peach blossom, cherry blossom
Best dish: None
Weak point: Remembering people's names and faces
Hobby: Sleeping
Specialty: Fall asleep anywhere

Nadeshiko was Fujitaka's wife, Touya and Sakura's Mother. She married Fujitaka when she was still a high school student, at the end of 16. But she died at the age of 27 when Sakura was only 3 years old. Sakura doesn't remember much about her mother, only through the stories her Father tells her. But she loves her mother very much. At the house, they always have a picture of Nadeshiko at the counter, either from magazine (her Father collected all her photos) or taken by Fujitaka. Her job was modeling and was very good at it. Nadeshiko was a beautiful and gentle woman. Her name, Nadeshiko, means the flower "pink."


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