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Only Sakura
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Hi everyone and welcome to my
wonderful banner archive! Take a look
around and check out my banners and
Only Sakura's banners! So take your time
and look at them, but please I beg of
you... Don't steal them... Please don't,
but if you want the picture that's on the
banner then e-mail and
ask her to let you have the picture! Don't
worry she's really nice so probably she'll
say yes unless she has deleted the picture...
Also... Remember to number to put the number
of the banner... You will see the number of
the banner so don't worry! Also, If the banner
gets too old... Then well, it goes bye bye!
So I'll have more space! So, see ya!

Posted By : Melin


Number: 1
Name of Banner: Cherry Blossom Sakura
Kind of Banner: Anime
Made: September 1, 2001
Creator: Meilin
Belongs to the Site: "Only Sakura"

This is an exellent banner made by Meilin!!!

Posted By : Only Sakura


Number: 2
Name of Banner: Petal Star
Kind of Banner: Anime
Made: September 29, 2001
Creator: Only Sakura
Belongs to the Site: "Only Sakura"

Great banner Only Sakura!! I Love it! I also
love the name of it! Don't you peeps think it's
so cool? Well, I do!

Posted By : Meilin


Number: 3
Name of Banner: Three Stars
Kind of Banner: Anime
Made: October 27, 2001
Creator: Meilin
Belongs to the Site: "Only Sakura"

Wow! I love the picture you made it with Meilin! It's so beautiful and kawaii!!!

Posted By : Only Sakura


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