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:: Rika Sasaki ::

| Characters/Rika Sasaki |

Name: Rika Sasaki
Birthday: June 24
Age: 10
Blood type: A
Favorite class: P.E.
Least favorite class: None
School club: None
Favorite color: White
Favorite flower: Marguerite
Favorite food: Muffin
Least favorite food: Fermented soybeans
Best dish: Lunchboxes
Most wanted: Western clothings

Rika is a pretty and a kind girl in Sakura's class. A really mature girl for her age. In the manga, she and Mr. Terada were engaged, but she only admires Mr. Terada in the anime. She is good at cooking and sewing. A very talented and quiet young girl. Rika attends Tomoeda Elementary with Sakura and Tomoyo. She is a good friend of theirs. She is a little shy, but can be very friendly.


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