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:: Sakura Kinomoto ::

| Characters/Sakura Kinomoto |

Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Birthday: April 1
Blood type: A
Favorite class: P.E., music
Least favorite class: Math
School club: Cheerleading club
Favorite color: Pink, white
Favorite flower: Cherry blossom
Favorite food: Omelet with fried rice
Least favorite food: Konnyaku
Best dish: Pancake
Symbol: Star
Most wanted: A new schoolbag

Sakura Kinomoto was just an average ten year old girl until one day she came across a book in her fathers library, the Book of Clow, and upon opening the book and releasing the Clow Cards as well as the Guardian Beast of the Seal, Keroberos, became a card captor. along with Syaoran. Sakura is a very caring girl who puts her friends and family before herself, and always tries her best at most everything she does. Her first crush was Yukito, but was too attracted to his moon powers. The one she truly love was Syaoran. She is also the Clow Mistress.


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