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::Takashi Yamazaki::

| Characters/Takashi Yamazaki |

Name: Takashi Yamazaki
Birthday: June 1
Age: 10
Blood type: AB
Favorite class: Math
Least favorite class: None
School club: Computer club
Favorite color: Dark red
Favorite flower: Cluster amaryllis
Favorite food: Fish, "suama"
Least favorite food: Pudding
Best dish: Hand-roll sushi
Most wanted: Raguko story book

Yamazaki Takashi is one of Sakura's classmate. They're not that close, but they do hang out once in a while in a group with Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko. He loves telling stories on different topics. Chiharu is the one who usually quiets him up... Despite all the fiction tales he likes to tell, he's actually smart and he's in a computer club and he's a student council president. Pretty good achiever for a story teller. Really..


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