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:: Tomoyo Daidouji ::

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Japanese Name: Tomoyo Daidouji
Birthday: September 9
Blood Type: A
Age: 10
Grade: 4
Favorite Color: Light yellow, White
Favorite Flower: Violet, Sakura
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Subject: Music, Chinese
Extra-curricular Activity: Choir
Most Wanted: A new video camera

Tomoyo Daidouji is a very sweet, quiet young girl. She is Sakura's best friend and her 3rd cousin. Tomoyo is one of the few who knows about the Clow Cards. Once she knew, she helped Sakura every step of the way. She is usually seen with a video camera in her hands because she is always video taping Sakura whenever she gets a chance. Tomoyo is behind all those battle costumes that Sakura wears during a battle. She's very talented at sewing and making all those costumes. She has many ideas to design kawaii outfits! Tomoyo's family owns a very successful toy company, and, as a result, is extremely rich! She also gets many new gadgets from her mother like a kawaii cell phone. But she doesn't say much about her wealth. Tomoyo even is a great artist and a good singer. She is a talented young girl that is spending her time with Sakura. In the mean time she is plays matchmaker!!


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