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:: Touya Kinomoto ::

| Characters/Touya Kinomoto |

Name: Touya Kinomoto
Birthday: February 29
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Blood Type: O
Best Friend: Yukito
After school activities: Soccer
Favourite Subject: Chemistry
Least Favorite Subject: None!
Favourite Color: Blue
Favourite Flower: Peach blossom
Favourite Food: Steak
Least Favourite Food: Ganmodoki
Best Recipe: Rice Omelette, Fried Noodles
Wants most: A new pair of sneakers

Kinomoto Touya is Sakura's older brother. He is in high school and is very popular among the girls. He acts like the typical older brother; loves to tease and pick on Sakura, but cares a lot about her. He often teases Sakura by usually calling her "monster". His best friend is Yukito, who he hangs out a lot with. He hates Syaoran because the first time he saw him, he was beating up his younger sister. Touya has something like a sixth sense. He has magic powers inherited from his father. He can see spirits like seeing his mother and can sense when somebody, especially Sakura, has magic powers. Or is not normal like Yukito. He use to date Kaho Mizuki, but thing did not work out. Later we find that he likes Yukito.


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