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Only Sakura
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Hi and welcome to the "Poetry Archive!"
We hope you have fun reading our poetry
of love, hatred and more... If you have
a poem and would like to donate it to us,
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If you donated poems... THANX SO MUCH!!
Here are the Top 5. Also, please don't
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permission from me or the creator!

Posted By : Tomoyo

Top 5 Poems

You're always on my mind
Your cuteness iS so ever refined
I think about you night and day
On how I love you in every way
Your kindness, always there, so sweet
Something hatred could Never defeat
I truly, deeply, wish you were here
Missing you makes me shed a tear
You're heaven sent, from above
It is you whom I truly love
Happiness for me is what you bring
You are my one, my only, my everything..

Name of Poem: "My One And Only, Everything"
Kind of Poem: Love poem
Creator: Thydan

Have you ever wanted magic so bad?
Wishing for it everyday,
Doing everything you can to make it come true,
Making the stars give you what you want,
Magic that's all,
That's all I want,
Will it come true or will it not?

Name of Poem: Magic
Kind of Poem: Wishing Poem
Creator: Tomoyo

Nothing is like a dream come true
When everything comes between me and you
You see I don't get how you feel
But you know, I get the deal
You say you have a crush on me
But why didn't I think that we'd ever be
Is it just a crush or is it love
Or are you an angel, that fell from above
You're sweet and you're kind
But there are somethings I just can't find
You're weird and you're cool
But I think I'm just a useless fool
Why do you love me
Tell me or not
Because I know
And I do love you a lot.

Name of Poem: "Dreaming"
Kind of Poem: Love poem
Creator: Only Sakura

Have you ever loved somebody
But knew they didn't care
Have you ever felt like crying
But knew you'd get know where
Have you ever seen them walk away
Not wanting them to go
And whisper "I love you" softly
Not wanting them to know
So you cried all night in misery
And almost went insane
There's nothing in this world
That causes so much pain
So I tell you not to fall in love
You'll be hurt till it's through
You see my friend I know
Because I feel in love with you

Name of Poem: "Have You Ever"
Kind of Poem: Love poem
Creator: Pee-tah Le (L1 P)

A charmer is very dangerous,
For he plays with your heart,
He is cute and smart,
He might like you,
But just playing with your heart,
Each time he is through with you,
He goes off breaking another heart,
And leaves you behind with an empty heart.

Name of Poem: Charmers
Kind of Poem: Love poem
Creator: Tomoyo


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