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Only Sakura
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Note : Hi everyone! I'm running out of staffs lately and I was wondering if YOU would like to be one of our staffs. Please I beg of you! Just email me at! It's only a step away!! PLEASE!! I'll be looking forward to hiring you! Anyone can be my staff for now, but also make a good reason why you would like to be my staff.

Also, if you would like to be one of my affiliates then please email me also. I need some and it would be and honnor to have you as part of my site! So please, I beg of you! Well, see ya! Hopefully! u.u;


Nickname: Only Sakura
Aim: ForeverMinako14, AzNxAnGeLx714, OnlySakuraAngel


Nickname: Tomoyo
Aim: StArxAnGeLx714

Updater(s)/News Updater(s)

( None so far... u.u; )

Banner Creator(s)

Nickname: Meilin
Aim: Tru Bebe Grl 714, PuRexAnGeLx714


( None so far... u.u; )

Picture Collector(s)

Nickname: Syoaran
E-mail: None
Aim: AznCoolDragon714


I do not own Card Captor or Card Captor Sakura. Card Captor and Card Captor Sakura and it's characters and images are owned and copyright of CLAMP, Kodansha, Mixx Zine, Bandai Visual Entertainment, EMOTION, and Nelvana. So Give them the credit! I'm just a fan!


Thanx to Meilin and Tomoyo for their hard work in the site! I'm running low of staffs and I need a bit more and please email me!!! Oh please!!!

Posted By : Only Sakura


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