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Only Sakura



Sorry all! Well here is news! On Monday at 3:30 there is going to be a new show! Then the entire of next week after that! All at 3:30pm. We are working at a new version at a new sever. So please just wait till we are done or so. Also I changed my named to Lovely Tomoyo! Jaa ne.

Posted By: Lovely Tomoyo

Hello. I am so sorry, but I might not update a little while. For some reason. I am awfully tried right now so please check the new version instead. But it is not done if you ceck it now. Bye

Posted By: Tomoyo

Hello everyone! Here is a new version of Only Sakura.
Go there and look at it. But it is not fully done. Bye

Posted By: Tomoyo

Sorry everyone! Only Sakura is moving and it's under contruction and I promise I'll give you the link to the new site. This site will still exist, but will no longer be updated! So so so so sorry! Well, see ya!

Posted By: Only Sakura

Finally! Hey everyone! Tripod is working once again. Also, I will not be updating this Sunday because I'm going to a b-day party and after that I'm going to the movies! So like...I got everything planned out! So hopefully you have enjoyed everything so far! Also Tomoyo signed us up for another network and I got another affiliate! Well, I got to go! See ya!

Posted By: Only Sakura

Hey all! Sorry I can't go into Only Sakura and update it because Tripod is being stupid! So just enjoy the things Tomoyo updates for now and hopefully Tripod will let me go on once again! Well, I got to go now... Bye bye!!!

Posted By: Only Sakura


Hi all! Welcome to Only Sakura! Your Card Captor Sakura source... Check out the links that's set for you! Thanx to the staff's, the site is up and running, but we don't have the galleries yet so we're sorry! Remember though... our site "will" have it, but since we're so busy these days... We don't have time, but we promise we'll have it! Also.. Since we're so busy with homework and stuff... It might take a while for the site to get ready and finished! So um.. Well, help? If you would like to become of Only Sakura's staffs, please e-mail her at or wait till she's online. Her sn's are OnlySakuraAngel, ForeverMinako14, and AzNxAnGeLx714! Well, I gtg see ya!

Posted By : Meilin


>>>>> CCS Volume 6 >>>>>

This volume has 3 shows and it's 75 minutes long! Check it out when you have the chance to buy it!

Here's our fortune for the week! :

Everything will seem easy from this day on.

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I got the affiliates! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D Have fun everybody and check out my coolest affiliates! =D They have the coolest sites of all!

Posted By : Only Sakura


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